%100 Made in Turkey Manufacturer in Turkey Long-Term Uses Extra Power and Extra Life

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HPLC & UHPLC Colums have been tested and ready to uses. FInd over 3000 type of colums wIth us. Our ProfessIonal Team ready to help you.

Silica is made in Turkey

HLPC columns are completely Turkish production and they are produced in precision devices using by domestic resources.

Extra Power

Our columns provide extra life and extra performance that has been proven by our testing center.

Completely made in Turkey

Columns produced in using completely domestic resources. Columns is 100% made in Turkey as well.

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We offer our global customer our innovative products through Nerg Kimya offices in Turkey. Whether you are looking to track a shipment, arrange a personal consultation, or troubleshoot an analysis, we are here to help you.

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